Introduction – General System Overview

Centralised DOE’s CEMS application contains the following set of hardware and software applications:

  1. A server equipped with communication hardware (i.e., network infrastructure and a modem to enable fixed line data transfer)
  2. EA set of relational database (MS SQL Server)
  3. A communication application
  4. A centralised web-based CEMS application (for DOE use only).

Figure 1.1 : CEMS-Data Interfacing System (DIS) Components

DOE requires all relevant premises/facilities to send their CEMS data via electronic data transfer to the centralised DOE server. At the individual premise/facilities site, the operators should prepare and/or develop the Data Interfacing System (DIS) which contains the followings:

  1. A relational database (minimum requirement – MySQL) to store the CEMS data or else known as CEMS-DIS database
  2. A communication application to receive and process telecommunication signal from DOE server, extract data from CEM-DIS database, prepare data file in accordance to specified format, and send data electronically to DOE server

To avoid communication bottleneck, the sequencing and initiation of communication between centralised DOE server and the premise’s DIS will be controlled by the centralised DOE’s communication application

Figure 1.2 : General flow diagram