PreXision OEE

MES/Performance software provides the ability to collect and store process data for visibility into Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) key performance indicators (KPIs) and utilization information. The software is designed to collect plant process information from operators and automated production equipment. It uses work order information manually entered, or provided from an external system, to accurately calculate the OEE KPIs based on work order start quantities and product-specific targets. The software then tracks performance across line equipment at the required production rate.

MES/Performance is quickly set up by configuring equipment, lines, utilization states and reasons in its web-based user interface. A line is easily modelled by dragging and dropping available equipment into a layout that indicates the flow of product.

Integration with existing automation systems generates highly accurate and timely views of equipment performance, including short duration events which are not typically recorded. Short duration events can add a significant amount of but when tracked, users see the impact of the events and have a path for improvement. Unique data collection capabilities on automated plant equipment make MES/Performance the first choice for fast moving consumer goods manufacturing.

Picture of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data