Plant information management systems (PIMS)

When it comes to operating a manufacturing process of any kind, everyone will agree that it is beneficial to have a lot of data. However, simply collecting and storing data does not, by itself, yield measurable benefits. In order to take full advantage of the data, it needs to be organized, archived and then made available in a variety of formats throughout a facility.

Reliable, accurate, timely PIMS plant information means better business and management decisions.

PIMS system gives everyone from operator to management levels in the enterprise access to critical, real-time plant data. With PIMS system, data becomes information — information to help management and operations make the management decisions that increase profitability and move the enterprise ahead.

Benefits of Plant Information Management Systems

  1. Better-Organized Production Data

    Plant-wide data
    Better data through technology

  2. More Efficient Troubleshooting of Quality Problems

    Troubleshooting without a PIMS
    Troubleshooting with a PIMS

  3. Understanding Real-Time ROI

    Comparing costs to process data
    Pushing process information

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