Manual Material Handling System (MMHS)

Improve your manual manufacturing productivity, flexibility, reliability and cost competitiveness.

PreXision Manual Material Handling System (MMHS) is a commercial off the shelf software that improves manual manufacturing productivity through a set of ready to use batching application, device integration (barcode printer, scanner & weigher) to promote paperless, traceability, manual operation’s track and trace and manufacturing digitization.

As manufacturer seek to increase their operational efficiency and flexibility helps to:

  1. Continue improve your operational effectiveness by measuring, visual and analyzing your manufacturing performance with OEE and KPI.
  2. Empower the production teams to quickly respond to production issues and reduce production losses with online visibility on dashboard, sms alert and mobile devices
  3. Reduce human error and replace paper prints with centralized and orchestrated access to work order information.

PreXision Manual Material Handling System (MMHS) provides a set of digital manual batching system and operation excellence tools for paperless production operations, pre-weigh batching, compounding preparation, manual batching, device integration and data collection, for collaboration in response to production issues, for traceability, and further review and analysis for improvement.

The software provides a ready to use digital interface for orchestrated access to work order information and reporting of work order execution and 1st warning of human mistake.

The full range of PreXision connectivity with IoT devices and plant control systems is included to minimize the number of manual data collection tasks and enable event notifications. With the PreXision Cloud, data collected either structurally or nonstructural format are use Dashboard analysis for management decision making.

Based on online & real-time input from sensors, PreXision provides real-time insights into operations with visualization and historical data to manage, inform and empower improvements in plant performance and guarantees material waste is kept to absolute minimum.

With this, manufacturing is made faster and less error-prone giving the business greater control over everything from production cost to product quality, thus enabling production and industrial operations to synchronize with business objectives to achieve consistency, flexibility and sustained profitability.